Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A review from one of our local customers!

We got a lovely review from the WOMANIZER! I was allowed to share her review!
"It has various strengths that allow buildup of pressure. Extremely strong and I can only handle the lower settings. I am able to achieve orgasms in minutes.
The type of orgasms are different from a rabbit. Whereas G-spot rabbit is a stimulate with wiggling, convulsing orgasms, this toy gives quick, screaming, rise off the bed orgasms. Almost too intense. Clit is so sensitive afterwards that it ripples when touched. When I have difficulty reaching the final stage to an orgasm, one minute of this toy gets me there.
Fast recharge that lasts a long time. Easy to clean. Easy to take off and reattach the suction cup. Just take off the small cup, wash and reattach.
For a uniquely different, quick, intense orgasm, this should be your go-to."

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