Monday, December 21, 2015

When you think of ‘handcuffs’ and ‘sex,’ most people picture a set of pink fuzzy handcuffs that they got for a gag gift and, let’s be honest, broke right away! There is so much more to it than that! Here is so fun stuff you can do with cuffs/restraints!

The position we typically imagine when we think of sexy uses for handcuffs, this involves using the cuffs on both wrists of one partner, ideally threaded though the headboard or around one of the corner bedposts. The restrained partner is at the will of the person on top to tease and please as they like!

 2. X OH X

Of course, if you want your partner to be completely at your mercy (or vice versa) you can always add another pair of cuffs around the ankles, similarly looped through a bedpost. The prone partner will be completely immobile and


Sometimes you just don’t have the right kind of headboard that’s when this position comes in handy. While in the doggy-style position, you can use the cuffs on the wrists of the receiving partner, cinched tight to keep them leaning forward and unable to support themselves with their arms. With the band between the cuffs adjusted to be a bit looser, you can hold on it as though they were reins.


More interested in topping from the bottom? In the missionary position (or any of its face-to-face variations) the cuffed partner can use the loosened band connecting the cuffs around the back of the neck or shoulder of the top partner, pulling them close for passionate kisses (or nibbles) on the neck and shoulder

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