Tuesday, October 13, 2015

System JO Coconut Hybrid

System JO Coconut Hybrid
Silicone Free Waterbased Coconut Oil Lubricant 
By System JO!
System JO Coconut lubricant can be used with most sex toys and is a creamy coconut lubricant that draws you in with a naturally pleasant fragrance and delicate taste. Enhance intimate moments with the silky smooth texture that provides the best of both worlds; a fusion of coconut oil and water. This lubricant is not an oil-based lubricant as the percentage of oil and quality that is being used makes it a unique style of lubrication that is safe on most sex toy materials with the exception of latex rubber.
  • Formulated with high grade body safe ingredients
  • Glycerin and paraben free
  • Fortified with coconut oil
  • Ultra smooth and slick to the touch
  • Easy to clean & Never sticky or tack
  • 50/50 formula offers the best of JO Premium and JO H2O
  • Silky smooth, super long lasting
  • Never sticky or tacky
  • Rinses off easily with just water, won't stain sheets
  • 100% Latex Safe

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