Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lelo Ina 2 / Lelo Ina WAVE – Perfect for the Bath (and Everywhere Else!)

Lelo is probably the world’s top luxury vibrator manufacturer and all of their vibrators are works of art that are very well made of the highest quality materials. Ladies, this is where you go when you are finally fed up with your cheap novelty vibrator! The Lelo Ina 2 is a work of art!  The experience of owning a vibrator from this Swedish company starts the minute you open the plain brown shipping Box and see the luxury packaging. Let’s start with Lelo’s video on the Ina 2. There is another further down the page and one about the Ina Wave, too. Skip past them if you are not in a safe place!

Cordless / Rechargeable
The Ina 2 has a Li-on rechargeable battery that can give you 4 hours of use on a 2 hour charge. The New Lelo Ina Wave provides 2 hours of use on a 2 hour charge.

Okay, this is the killer feature for me! Many women, including myself, are at their most comfortable when taking a bath and since the Lelo Ina vibrators are completely waterproof, you can bring them in the tub with you! This makes these vibes worth their weight in gold, if you ask me. Water, relaxation and orgasms – the ultimate combination. Picture yourself in the tub with one of these vibrators in action… I dare you not to buy one right now… 
Go Hands Free!  
The unique curved shape of the Ina 2 means that it stays in place when inserted into the vagina so you can let go and enjoy the strong vibrations. Imagine being in the bath with this wonderful toy, completely relaxed, and just letting it do it’s thing with your hands on the side of the tub. Pure paradise.
Incredible Design
Lelo has been called “The Apple of Vibrators” for good reason. Smart design means that not only are Lelo vibrators works of art, they are easy to operate. The 4 simple buttons are placed perfectly so you don’t need to fumble when adjusting the speed or program. There are “+” and “-“ buttons to turn on/off and adjust the speed and up and down buttons to change between the 8 amazing modes.

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