Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Put a Ring On It.....

A cockring is more than a cool-looking penis accessory.  It was originally created in 13th Century China with the main purpose to assist in the longevity of an erection. The result is a man’s performance lasts longer and feels greater for both him and his partner.

How does it work?

The way an erection normally works is that when a man is aroused, blood flow to his penis is vastly increased and engorges his penile tissue. This is what causes the increase in size and hardening. Using a cockring on a penis creates a situation where the blood can’t escape the penile tissue so easily. A cockring essentially mimics a pinch effect, therefore, blood stays in the penis and causes it to increase in size and become engorged.
According to the American Medical Association (AMA), erectile dysfunction affects up to 25% of middle-aged and elderly men. ED is sometimes the symptom of a health issue, and when it is encountered, one should seek medical guidance from his regular healthcare provider.
However, ED is also commonly manageable, requiring simple supplements and/or medication and the use of sexual aids, such as a cockring.
It should also be noted that cockrings are not limited to men who need assistance maintaining their erection. In fact, many men use a cockring simply to “dress-up” the penis, add texture or vibrations (or both) to the sexual experience or just to try something new and different. 
Simply put: any man can use a cockring to enhance his and his partner’s sexual experience. Here are a few tips:

  • Select a soft, stretchy cockring made from plastic, rubber or silicone. While a cockring should fit snugly, it should also fit comfortably and remove easily, without struggle. Pronounced swelling is a sign that the cockring is too tight.
  • Use lube. Applying lubricant onto the penis will help you slip your cockring on while also enhancing lovemaking.
  • Vary your selection. There are different cockrings for different moods. And because cockrings are generally economically priced, any man can easily afford to keep a variety on-hand.
  • Own at least one vibrating cockring. Transmitting vibrations to both yourself and your partner while having sex increases your chances for simultaneous orgasm.
  • Never wear a cockring for longer than 30 minutes. And remove it before falling asleep.

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