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Three more ways for a woman to orgasm

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A-Spot or Deep Spot (AFE) Orgasm

The a-spot orgasm, also known as, anterior fornix erogenous (AFE) zone or the second G-spot is a very intense erogenous zone. If stimulated, it can lead to rapid lubrication and arousal. The a-spot can give you a very powerful and intense orgasm. The AFE zone is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner, front end of the vaginal tube, between the cervix and bladder.

The great thing about an A-spot orgasm is that is doesn't get sensitive after an orgasm like the clitoral orgasm. So your partner can bring you to pleasure numerous times without an intermission! The concept of the A-spot is attributed to sex scientist, Dr. Chua Chee Ann of Malaysia. To reach the A-spot, use similar techniques to those of G-spot stimulation, however go as deep as your fingers can reach. Then "scoop" it out with your middle finger, applying some pressure to the area. You can reach the AFE zone with fingers, sex toys, or with your penis through the missionary position. The A-spot orgasm is said to be like the G-spot but even more intense. For a video tutorial on how to reach the A-spot or deep spot visit David Shade's website here.

U-spot Orgasm

The U-spot is the opening to the urethra located just above the vaginal opening, just above the lips. The U-spot is easily stimulated with a fingertip, tongue or tip of a penis or toy. When caressed, a woman can feel a very intense orgasm and an erotic response. Treat the U-spot very similarly to the clitoris and be gentle. The u-spot feels best when it is wet and touched gently.

This spot doesn't need a lot of pressure on it and many women have found their u-spot simply from their partner's rubbing the tip of their penis up and down their labia. Want to really get off? Try stimulating both the u-spot and the clitoris just above it simultaneously! You may find that you like some wet stroking all the way from the clitoris, down over the u-spot and then into the opening of your vagina!

Oral sex is another fantastic way to stimulate the u-spot! The tongue wets the spot as opposed to potential friction caused my fingers. To find the u-spot, find the opening of the vagina with your tongue. Softly and slowly, lick upwards towards the clitoris like an ice cream cone. Going slowly lets her revel in your amazing oral talents and also gives you the heads up on where she is most sensitive. When you find the area, experiment with maybe faster or slower speeds and pressure.

Just remember to communicate with your partner on what feels best, because just like some women are super clitoris sensitive, you may not be as sensitive on your u-spot. Just let your partner know what you are feeling. A simple moan gives him the hint that he is on the right track!

Breast Orgasm

Orgasms from breast and nipple stimulation? You read that right! This occurs during a peak of stimulation to the breasts. Nipple stimulation activates the same region of the brain as clitoral, vaginal and cervical stimulation," according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, last year. 

Depending on how sensitive your nipples are you can experience orgasms from breasts. To have your partner give you a breast orgasm, tell him or her to use manual stimulation in soft, full circles giving your breast a massage. But, oral stimulation is even better! Have them suck on your nipples, nibble and lick your breast, and use tongue strokes all over to give you the ultimate combination of stimulation!

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