Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Rabbit? Yes, It's Fabulous!

One vibrator that seems to always come to mind is the Rabbit! I bet there is not one woman out there who doesn't know what the Rabbit is. If you have ever watched, "Sex and the City" you may remember the episode, "The Turtle and the Hare". It's from Season 1. What happens? Charlotte gets addicted to her first vibrator; the Rabbit. 
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Rabbit Pearl (Yup, it's as good as you've heard!) 

Personal Experience: 5/5

I can see why Charlotte (from "Sex and the City") would deem men "unnecessary" after experiencing the Rabbit! This was my first "simultaneous-sensation" toy (as in internal and external at the same time), and it changed my sex toy requirements forever!


I think it might be safe to say this is a well known toy, thanks to the character Charlotte on "Sex and the City."  I (like many) just had to try it. 

The Rabbit is a smooth, soft vibrator with a jelly-like material called Elastomer (less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone).

At top speed, this is a powerful toy. There are two sliding controls - one to control the vibrations of the rabbit, and one to control the spinning shaft. You can use both separately or together at varying speeds. It spins on an angle, making a circular motion inside the vagina, while at the same time the pearls ripple at the vaginal opening. The ability to use the vibrations or spinning separately (or together) make it perfect for anyone. 

3 distinct features: 

#1 The vibrating rabbit: The ears of the rabbit are soft and bendy (see photos). The vibrations carry right through to the tips of the bunny's ears. Depending on where/how you place them, the ears can straddle the clitoris. At top speed, with fresh batteries, and without the shaft spinning at the same time, the vibrations are quite intense. 

#2 The spinning shaft: This is a well made toy. The shaft is strong, with a solid metal bar deep in the middle. The spinning motion is smooth and comfortable. You control the speed of the spin with the sliding control piece mentioned earlier. 

#3 The rippling pearls:. When combined with the spinning shaft and vibrations, the pearls provide stimulation that make the entire experience EXTREMELY pleasurable.

I highly recommend the Rabbit Pearl. It is well made, and will provide years of pleasure. Given it's well know reputation, I would even buy this as a gift for a girlfriend. 

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